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Distressing news have been reaching service users of a emotional / mental health respite facility.

The over subscribed respite home, has been a life saver for thousands of service users over the years. Many of the guests were revolving  door patients of acute mental health hospitals.

Oakleigh House has been a resounding success for service users in Cornwall.

Once upon a time, Cornwall mental health service users were the envy of the rest of the UK. It had a really active service user representative group (SURG) and led where many other groups followed.

It wasn't just a talking shop but a very active body, it was listen too by Social Services and The old Primary Care Trust and Cornwall Mental Health NHS. Services users sat at the top tables of all decisions affecting services, even sitting on the interviewing board for staff at all levels.

Through this process, one of the biggest shouts were for a respite care facility as an alternative to having to spend time on a psychiatric ward. If your going through a rough time and not able to think straight, a stay in hospital is the last place you want to be, especially if there are very disturbed patients on ward.

Over the last few years mental health services have deteriorated in Cornwall to a miserable state of affairs. Staffed Day-Centres have ceased, unless people are there to attend a structure course, or drop-in can be run by the service users. This can put people at high risks, without the back-up of trained staff to intervene in crisis resolution.

There were also Service User led drop-ins, but these were cash starved and the poultry sums involved, saved the tax payer a lot of money. Helping those who needed to just talk through issues the chance to do this without going to hospital.

Oakleigh House accommodates five guests at a time, including a ground floor room for anyone with mobility issues. The staff are all very intuitive and can empathise  with the guest who maybe experiencing a lot of emotional / mental pain. This is because staff are selected by them their selves,  have or still have some of their issues. This enhances their ability to treat guests with total respect and non-judgemental, no matter how the guest are. The staff dedication is second to none of those who I have known throughout a lifetime of issues.

I will write again in a couple of weeks time. But in the meantime, if you are affected, please make contact with SUN via the CONTACT page.... I guess most who are allowed to go to Oakleigh, have this on their care plans.... What has been put into your Care Plan to make sure you still get respite, I know how much it is needed, I don't fancy going to hospital again.

Also are there any service users who have been consulted on this backward move?

In the same time frame Penta ( remnants  of West Cornwall Mind, was hosted by Pentreath Industries)

hasn't received any funding, so service users in Camborne, Helston & Penzance are all left high & dry.

 Service User Network Cornwall open our doors to all those who are left without support. We cannot advise, but together we can support each other, we are not funded, nor do we have the energy to chase funding... This is SERVICE USERS DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES... A lot of us are in this position because we were abandoned or let down when we were young.... Well SUN don't rely on others, we do it for each other.

Take care of yourselves and others who need it... looks like we are on our own.

Once I have the full facts, I will keep you informed and look at a massive campaign throughout Cornwall.

Well done to those who phoned into Laurence Reed on Radio Cornwall 12 noon to 3:00pm on Friday.

Laurence is going to try and get some answers and will be on today (18th Feb) with a special programme regarding Oakleigh... But please do call him if you have lost any support or services. We are receiving many calls from people in crisis. The worse one so far, someone who says they were in hospital with an overdose back last November and are still waiting for an assessment from the Community Mental Health Team.. This isn't good enough, no one would put up with it with a physical health issue.... NEITHER WILL WE....




 Bridge Mews, Portreath is a lovely place, but we are growing and need to move to somewhere with more footfall and much easier to get to. We have been in Portreath for just over a year and have learnt a lot. Thank you all at Bridge Mews, especially those who received support and all of our customers, who have kept us going. We are still funded 100% by Service Users and customers donations and sales.  Not one penny has come from begging from the public purse. We hope we can keep it that way, for this way we can support you, the way you need and not jump through hoops to please funders instead of you. ALL our energies are devoted to you.

 We keep our prices as low as possible and any excess monies will be re-invested for those who need us.

Recycled books are mainly priced roughly 80% off the recommended retail price and are gathered mainly from USA and UK libraries, though some come from personnel collections. Whilst new books, the majority are roughly 40% off the recommended retail price. Should you find a local bookshop selling at a lower price, without a sale, then we will refund the difference, even though we are likely to make a loss.

The main idea is for Self Help books along with books on various health conditions. At present we do see many students who need high price books and don't mind buying good condition pre-read books for their studies.

We also have many different Adult Colouring, Crossword, Dot to Dot books. So while these are Adult activity books, we know you need something to keep young children busy, so you can have some me time... so we do carry a number of children's books. There are a few Cooking & Baking books, a few Gardening... Want to know what you can cook in the microwave? At present we do have a set of such books with some amazing recipes.

We also have some craft items and books on Cross-Stitch and things like that. But our biggest shown interest is in 3D and 5D embroidery kits, we have expanded our varying stock. We will also search for you on any subject you want. Someone came in and seen our 5D's and seen one of one they bought in Tavistock, they paid £15.99p. They could of cried, for we had the identical item at £7.99p. Next time they are coming to us first.... that way they could of saved £8 or bought two for the same price.

Our pens, pencils, crayons etc.. are all keenly priced.

The need for a Service User Network in Cornwall is already stretching our resources.

We are glad to serve you and to chat to each one of you. This service is open to anyone who needs to chat and if we can help you in your quest.... then great. NO ONE should be socially excluded.

We need volunteers, so we can keep well.  So if you would like and enjoy meeting others, come along and join us. It is a great way to meet others who don't judge and can often understand just what you are going through. So come and join the LOVE Generation...  no pressure on you... we lookout for each other.

Hope to see you soon...

Ray, Jan & Tina

Our Aims...

The aims of the Group shall be to:

1. Education of All Emotional, Mental Health, Autistic, Learning Conditions, Loneliness,

     and Age related conditions to service users and the public in Cornwall & Plymouth.  

2. Intentional Peer to Peer support for those who would like to commit to become members.

3. Support users to develop self esteem, self worth, confidence and skills.

4. Reducing stigma for all sections of society.

5. Community Builders making our communities better to increase physical, emotional,

     mental, educational and social integration.

6. Directing vulnerable persons to the known services.

7. Longer term aim 1., to be able to support those who need respite care.

8. Longer term aim 2., to go into schools, colleges, universities, work area's sharing our stories.

9. Longer term aim 3., to support advocacy for those who require it.

10. Ongoing setting up a network throughout Cornwall and Plymouth.

 Mental and Emotional Health support through the eyes

of service users in Cornwall and Plymouth UK


 Welcome to Service User Network Cornwall and Service User Network Plymouth.  Giving you support and information, we research, you can read.    

A totally independent friendly site for all service users, peer to peer supporters and carers who live or know someone who lives with Emotional or/and Mental Health issues in Cornwall or Plymouth (UK). We also welcome those with Learning Disablilties (LD), Autism including Asperger's syndrome, Drug and Alcohol, Personality Disorders, Diabetes, Epilepsy, M.E.,  bullying, Eating Disorders, LGBT, Cross Dressers, Adult Babies, Adult Kids, Reborns, Crafting, Knitting, Embroidery, (including diamond embroidery) Reading, Writing,   Mind Wellbeing need to Care-give, Loneliness, Socialising with others and anything else (though it must be legal). FEEL ALONE... no need to, also we are looking for volunteers, so the Network can grow. We want people to know, there are always someone around who can listen and share with.

If you find it hard to survive within this world or you feel like an alien, then maybe this site can support, guide you to support groups and help you to build your own life.

Every single person HAS A RIGHT TO A LIFE, where you are safe and can grow to your maximum capacity. NO-ONE has a right to judge you or bully you.... It's YOUR LIFE and as long as you respect everyone else, then you too should expect to be respected in return. 

Well everyone is welcome, but please respect who the site has been primary set up for.

Judgemental people are the only ones we have a problem with, we do realise this is a Mental Health condition. If we can help and support you, then we will.

With so many vulnerable people on the site, can we request, if you suffer with this condition, you are welcome to read, but please do not judge others here. RESPECT is the word, we are not bothered by people's lifestyles or religion, sexual preference, politics, colour, or where they come from, we are all human. 

This site has been built and funded by a service user, no outside funding has been used in the development of the site. It is also the first time this service user has tried to build such a site. So if you have any positive criticism, please feedback. Is there anything more that needs adding? We want to encourage intentional Peer to Peer support and information.

Sometimes the service providers, either do not have the funding that is needed or they really do not understand the pain a lot of people actually experience. So it is up to us to try and educate as well as letting them know what our needs are.

Together we are a powerful voice, we can help in many ways to rid the stigma of Mental and Emotional Health.

We have already had requests for both paid and voluntary involvement. We have already engaged with Exeter, Plymouth and Cornwall combined universities, along with other requests. So let us know if you are interested. Also we have been aproached by a Television company to make a programme, interested? Looking for those with all conditions, so do not think "I cannot do that", we will give you the support you need.

It is important to sign up to this site, the information will not be given to anyone else. Only the moderators of the site, who are all checked for confidentiality, will only see names. We welcome positive comments about the services as well as the negative. We also encourage Carers and Employee's to send us their comments.

Please add Service User, Carer, GP, CPN, Therapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Parent, Social Worker or other interest at the beginning of the message.   There will never be the passing on of names to anyone else except in the circumstance where someone is either in danger to self or to others.

Cornwall has had a dismal record on Mental and Emotional Health for many years. Most years its in the top Counties for suicide. Adult Social Care and Mental Health services have nothing to celebrate. But neither do the voluntary sector along with much of the set up of service user involvement in Cornwall. In 2005 Cornwall was held up as the way Service User Involvement works. But since then it has collapsed, hopefully someone in authority will reverse this trend. But in the meantime, it's down to us guys, so please sign up and help each other.

Keep safe and share all the good things with others and of course if you need to talk then please share on the Forums..... unfortunately we are also service users, so we cannot give any professional help.

Should you be in danger, then please ring 999 and ask for the police.

There is now a new social media page called Cornwall SUN on Facebook..... come and join us... have your say.... what is your need.?... do you receive the treatment you need? Let us build a Facebook page and encourage service users to speak out and to find the support they need. https://www.facebook.com/sun.cornwall 


Information about the site

Do have a good look around, there is something for just about everyone.       Contact via: [email protected]

Let me walk you through the site.... Well this is the:-

Events and Activities

  Well that is the begining of the site, over time it is hoped that it will just get bigger and better. If you have any idea's of including other things, then do please get in touch.

If you live in other area's, why not set up a similar site for your area. We could develop a whole network throughout the Country.

Each County could be called sun-yourcounty.com or sunyourcounty.com  

Thank you for dropping in, do bookmark (Ctrl D ) and revisite often as the site should be on going with many new developments.

Take care of yourselves and your community.

 ((((Hugs to all))))